• Data Governance

    Measure the performance of your reference and master data project.


Data Governance – built from the ground-up in Semarchy

Govern and Maximize the Value of Your Master Data

Our master data governance framework is based on data quality dashboards and metrics that allow you to measure key performance indicators for your Master Data Management (MDM) and Reference Data Management (RDM) programs.

Data Governance teams need to precisely assess the value of their data and measure the return on investment of their master data management initiatives.

Semarchy provides advanced measurement and analysis capabilities to profile source data and monitor the health of master data hubs managed with xDM.

Using Semarchy, organizations can collaboratively govern and monitor the value of the master data to drive accountability and transparency to maximize the value of the MDM initiative.

  • Data Quality by Transaction

    Sample Convergence Pulse Dashboard: Data Quality by Transaction

  • Workflow Performance

    Sample Convergence Pulse Dashboard: Workflow Performance

  • Convergence Pulse Metrics in Tableau Desktop.

    Metrics from Semarchy Convergence Pulse can be used in your enterprise BI or visualization platform.

Semarchy provides the key capabilities to truly govern your master data initiative:

  • Assess risks and discover opportunities from your data
  • Drive accurate decisions from quantified measures
  • Govern your data with clarity and transparency
  • Maximize the value of your investment

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