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Semarchy Announces its New MDM Proof of Value offering at the Gartner Master Data Management Summit

Turnkey solution from Evolutionary MDM vendor helps organizations kick-start MDM initiatives

Gartner Master Data Management Summit, London, UK – 12 March, 2014

Semarchy, the Data Convergence Company announced today from the Gartner Master Data Management Summit (London UK, March 12-13, 2014) the availability of its new “Proof of Value” (POV) offering to help organization build the business case and prove the value of Master Data Management (MDM) initiatives.

When considering an MDM initiative, organizations quickly face the challenge of evaluating ROI and value in order to gain executive sponsorship. Sponsors frequently perceive MDM initiatives as risky and longtime projects with low chances of success. They require solid facts to get convinced.

Semarchy’s Proof of Value™ is a comprehensive offering that addresses this challenge. With Semarchy’s POV, organizations engage on a first MDM iteration. The POV, based on Semarchy’s Evolutionary Governance Framework™ and Semarchy Convergence™ Platform, starts with real business data and requirements and delivers the required elements to build the business case for MDM.

“We still see too many practitioners struggle to get started with their MDM initiative, simply because they cannot demonstrate the case and the value to the business teams and executive sponsors,” commented Salah Kamel, Semarchy’s founder and CEO. “This is why we decided to create this end-to-end offering. It starts with the client’s data and delivers a complete MDM project iteration in one to three weeks.”

During the POV, Semarchy experts collaborate with the organization’s staff to:

  • Discover the organization’s data and define the goals and metrics
  • Work on the data and processes using Semarchy Convergence™
  • Show intermediary results and discuss findings
  • Refine the final deliverables

The POV process delivers in a short timeframe (1 to 3 weeks):

  • An executive summary presentation of the process and results
  • The documentation of the design process made with the Evolutionary Governance Framework™
  • A complete documentation of the data model, rules and process created with the Semarchy Convergence™ Platform
  • Interactive MDM metrics and profiling dashboards built with Semarchy Convergence Pulse™
  • A live cloud instance of Semarchy Convergence for MDM™ to demonstrate the MDM iteration results

“With the Proof of Value, we are able to prove two facts: First, MDM can be made in a fast and agile way; Second, MDM has a true measurable value.” added Salah Kamel. “In essence, the Proof of Value is the turnkey solution to kick-start any MDM initiative.”

Semarchy will present and demonstrate the Proof of Value offering at the Gartner Enterprise Information & Master Data Management Summit ( in London, UK, March 12-13.

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