Master Data Management Software

Business requirements change and evolve rapidly.
By building this simple assumption into the heart of our master data management software, we are able to handle initial requirements and evolving requirements quicker and more easily.

Intelligent MDM™

Semarchy is the Intelligent MDM company. Its xDM platform is an innovation in multi-vector Master Data Management (MDM) that leverages smart algorithms and material design to simplify data stewardship, governance and integration. It is implemented via an agile and iterative approach that delivers business value almost immediately, and scales to meet enterprise complexity.


Algorithms empower stewardship and advance matching, survivorship, curation and classification. A native, semantically complete data model facilitates transparent lineage, auditability and governance.



Agile methodologies applied to MDM are materialized via an intuitive, integrated design, development and user interface. Adaptive modeling enables business flexibility.


MDM is an initiative, not a technology. xDM is evolved into a business with minimal disruption, to optimize adoption and show measurable enterprise ROI almost immediately.

Transforming consumers into producers

Smart algorithms serve business users

Material design drives unparalleled performance and productivity

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Does MDM Need Graph?

Does MDM Need Graph?

By Salah Kamel, Semarchy CEO The rise of multi-channel interactions in the current digital world is transforming the way enterprises engage in their Master Data Management initiatives. The exponential growth of inter-object relationships offers a new opportunity to...

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Conference – London, UK | 19-21 Mar 2018

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MDM is central not only to your GDPR strategy, but every facet of the limitless connections between enterprises, people and things. Learn how Intelligent MDM, only from Semarchy, can empower everyone in your organization to become a data champion with our Smart, Agile and Measurable xDM platform.