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Semarchy Helps Brown-Forman Gain Unified View of Global Product Data, Enabling Competitive Pricing, Faster Insights and Strategic Forecasting

PHOENIX, Dec. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Semarchy, a master data management (MDM) and data integration leader, announced today that its platform has helped global wine and spirits company Brown-Forman gain a unified view of its product data worldwide. By implementing Semarchy xDM, Brown-Forman has harmonized disparate product data from across its many global locations into a “single source of truth.”

Brown-Forman Corporation, one of the largest American-owned spirits and wine companies, offers dozens of products spanning multiple brands in markets all over the globe. In response to rapid growth and brand demand, Brown-Forman data teams needed to reconcile their reserves of product data to provide leaders with uncompromised visibility. Previously, this information was siloed by location.

“Semarchy enabled us to bring together siloed product data using different conventions into one consistent framework,” said Mike Homer, Senior Manager of Master Data Management at Brown-Forman. “This harmonized view of our product data has led to quicker insights, better decision-making and strategic gains across our global business units.”

Through the Semarchy platform, Brown-Forman can now easily evaluate brand performance at both regional and global levels, identify competitive dynamics and inform pricing and promotions globally. Project timelines have also accelerated across the company’s business units thanks to readily accessible harmonized data.

“Our partnership demonstrates the tremendous value xDM delivers in creating a complete view of business information across the enterprise,” said Brett Hansen, CGO at Semarchy. “Brown-Forman now has clarity into its global data landscape, and these insights have led to smarter strategies around pricing, marketing, forecasting and more.”

Brown-Forman continues to expand data harmonization efforts with Semarchy across additional data sources. The ongoing partnership is focused on driving further data strategy innovation.

Today’s news follows Semarchy’s recognition as a master data management champion in SoftwareReview’s Emotional Footprint Awards, showcasing the company’s priority of providing customers with a seamless data management experience.

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