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Supplier Master Data Management Software

Supplier data management is becoming increasingly complex, especially for enterprises with a vast supplier base. By using the Semarchy Unified Data Platform as your supplier master data management software, you can keep tabs on all data points while taking the strain off your company’s time and resources.

Improve efficiency and spend in your supply chain

Maintain supplier data quality through a single-entry point by using Semarchy xDM to develop supplier master data management capabilities. Avoid duplication, improve supply chain efficiency, and build your risk management and compliance capabilities.  

  • Achieve complete transparency

    Supplier visibility, as with vendor visibility, has become a strategic priority. Use a unified supplier MDM system to get a trusted, 360-degree view of all supplier information, including location, the goods or services they supply, legal information, and payment terms.

  • Unify data accurately

    Supplier data often sits in disparate systems such as ERP and procure-to-pay systems. Improve data quality by avoiding duplicate or non-standard entries, invalidities, and other errors with consistent data governance policies. Better data quality also helps smoother supplier relations.

  • Speed up supplier onboarding

    Start your relationship on the right foot by onboarding suppliers before you start working together. Our supplier master data management software allows you to quickly onboard, activate, and deactivate suppliers in a way that supports efficient business operations.

  • Keep financial information in check

    Cut costs by offering procurement and finance teams complete visibility of the total spend per supplier. They can negotiate more favorable discounts, pricing, and payment terms with this knowledge. It will also help you comply with any data policies and regulations.

  • Foster and grow supplier relationships

    Maintaining good supplier data will not only improve supplier relationships, but will also help to reduce costs, availability problems, quality issues, and delays. Gain better value for your business with Semarchy’s xDM supplier data management system.

A rigorous governance regime

Understand your suppliers better, especially those delivering mission-critical goods or services. Intuitive governance processes are built-in to ensure data quality, so you can be assured that all your supplier data is up to date and error-free. Learn more about our data governance software

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Integrate everywhere

Make your supplier data management system more meaningful. Integrate data from virtually anywhere so that you have all your supplier information in a single location, especially if your company is complex with dozens of back-office systems handling that data.

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Easy implementation

Our flexible implementation options give you control over your investment. You can use our supplier master data management software in the cloud, implement it on your premises, or run it as a service.

Real-time reporting

Gain supplier insights and handle regulatory compliance in real-time. Improve financial reporting and other processes like invoicing and logistics with our specialized master data management platform. Strengthen your knowledge to make informed decisions about supplier efficiency.

  • Flexible configuration

    Sourcing products or services from multiple suppliers can be complex and differs from company to company. Our data platform requires zero code to serve supply chain teams faster with an intuitive configuration of queries, dashboards, workflows, and more.

  • Dependable analytics and discovery

    Analyze supplier data in secure dashboards to help you gain real insights into your supplier relationships. Plan more strategically by empowering supply chain teams with real-time, self-serve analytics to manage the suppliers’ lifecycles and easily monitor their performance. 

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“During the first implementations, and during the POC (Proof of Concept) with Semarchy, after integrating data from the first subsidiaries, it was already possible to see the richness of the aggregated customer history. We have brought to light benefits and significant business potential.”

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Denis Lapierre
Deputy Managing Director of APRIL Technologies

Success Stories

APRIL International

Efficient data integration and customer matching to manage large datasets.

  • Challenge: Aggregate customer and prospect data from diverse subsidiaries, consolidate information, and overcome data quality challenges for an international insurance services group.
  • Solution: A single platform for data consolidation, integration, and governance and a partnership with Keyrus to ensure a quick project launch.
  • Results: Automated data reconciliation improved lead management and customer data cross-referencing. Flexibility allows APRIL to adapt data rules for added visibility and revenue through cross-selling, and improved customer satisfaction.

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How does supplier MDM help my business cut costs?

You spend huge sums of money with your suppliers. Small increases in efficiency can yield big savings. A best in class supplier MDM solution also reduces excessive internal spending caused by locally maintained and disorganized supplier data.

Can supplier MDM make my business more efficient?

Increasing your supplier relationship understanding, is proven to lead to more effective partnerships. This ultimately converts into better customer service.

How else can supplier MDM benefit my business?

It improves your global negotiation abilities by structuring and improving understanding of all of your suppliers’ terms and conditions.

Should I be concerned about an MDM solution’s reliability?

No! While there’s some risk with all new software, such as incompatible data formats, we plan ahead by identifying problems before they arise. Proof of our MDM solution’s reliability is that we received a 94+ out of 100 rating in the Unreliable vs. Reliable section of SoftwareReviews’ 2022 report. This placed us in the top five in this category out of 15 MDM vendors! See here what 26 reviewers had to say about our reliability.

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