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The team behind Intelligent MDM™

Our Story

Semarchy is making MDM exciting again. Our founders have a long history of delivering innovation in Data Integration. So it’s no surprise that we approached MDM in a fundamentally different way from traditional products.

Smart software is enabling organizations to get more value from data than ever before. Our xDM solution takes learnings from millions of data interactions to algorithmically build, learn and grow with users.

Agile software development has changed the way platforms are built. Semarchy takes this to the next level with an agile implementation methodology that supports flexible modeling, collaborative information governance, and a straightforward, logical design environment that puts business users at the forefront.

Measurable ROI has been a stumbling block for MDM since its inception. By taking an approach that evolves xDM into a business naturally, we avoid the inefficiencies, costs and broken promises associated with conventional solutions. Business value, governance and scalability are engineered into the solution from the first moment of an implementation.

Rather than assume that MDM requirements are set in stone with each master data project that is delivered, we assume that the requirements will change and evolve over time. By building this simple, but fundamentally important assumption into the heart of our product, we are able to handle initial, and evolving MDM requirements, quicker and with less cost.

Semarchy is a privately held company, run by its founders and creators of the software itself. It was founded in 2011 and headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in the UK and France.