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Semarchy is the creator of the Intelligent Data Hub™ which empowers business users to become data champions. Our xDM platform enables organizations of any size and helps them quickly bring together the critical information scattered across applications into a single data hub, with fast time to value.

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Rather than assume that Data Management requirements are set in stone with each project that is delivered, we assume that the requirements will change and evolve over time.

Semarchy is making Master Data Management, Data Governance, Data Quality, and Integration exciting again. Our founders have a long history of delivering innovation. So it’s no surprise that we approached data management in a fundamentally different way from traditional products. Data can be discovered, mastered, governed, and centrally managed in a non-intrusive way. xDM is natively available on most popular cloud marketplaces, such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, with the same features as the on-premises platform.

Semarchy is a privately-owned company, part of the Providence Strategic Growth portfolio. It was founded in 2011 and headquartered in Phoenix, USA, with offices in the United Kingdom and Lyon, France.

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