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Semarchy Unified Data Platform (xDM + xDI) 2023.2 Updates

What’s New in Semarchy 2023.2?

  • Recapping Semarchy 2023.1: It has been an exciting start to the quarter and new year for Semarchy. In January, we launched Semarchy xDM’s Data-Driven Workflows – rapidly enabling business & IT teams to collaboratively design a future-first data foundation. xDI also received a facelift with major enhancements to the user experience from design and deployment to new connectors.
  • Quarterly Updates: We’ve also aligned updates for xDM + xDI in a true unified data platform fashion to deliver more regular, predictable releases to support your evolving data strategies. 
  • Semarchy 2023.2 Overview: 
    • xDM: Expanded capabilities for Azure users and data-driven workflow administration
      • Microsoft Azure Purview Connector: With Semarchy xDM and Microsoft Purview in an Azure infrastructure, users benefit from an end-to-end offer seamlessly combining master data management, data cataloging, and data governance.
      • Workflow Admin UI: Intuitive GUI for tracking and monitoring workflows makes it easier for functional users to be involved, not just technical teams
    • xDI: Continue enhancing integration design experience + official connector convertors
      • Design Experience: New PostgreSQL & Greenplum to JSON deserializers for native, no-code manipulation of semi-structured data fields
      • Deployment & Monitoring: Official Docker Images for xDI components for faster and more reliable deployments
      • Admin & Infrastructure: New tool enables the usage of Amazon S3 as a direct Delivery Repository to optimize costs
      • Converters: New dedicated convertors to migrate to xDI from Oracle Data Integration (ODI), IBM DataStage, and Informatica PowerCenter – contact us for details

Semarchy xDM 2023.2 Updates

  • Microsoft Azure Purview Integration
    • Overview: All master data in Semarchy xDM that’s deployed as logical models in a physical RDBMS can now be scanned by Purview. xDM’s data models contain structural information (master entities, attributes, relationships) and rules (validations, enrichers, matchers etc.), which enhance Microsoft Azure Purview customers’ data catalog capabilities.
      • Microsoft Azure Purview is a robust, SaaS data catalog solution that stores both physical and logical assets which can be customized or created (defined) manually or through a REST API. 
      • Semarchy xDM Purview Connector extracts the metadata from the data hub and pushes it into Azure Purview – providing the full xDM data lineage of the golden records into the data catalog.
    • Benefits: Microsoft Azure Purview clients that integrate with xDM will strengthen their data governance and cataloging capabilities with a native way for tracing the lineage and conversion of source data to golden records across the entire data ecosystem.
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  • Workflow Admin UI
    • Overview: Semarchy xDM 2023.1 introduced Data-Driven Workflows, making it easier for business/IT to collaboratively manage and orchestrate master data. This new GUI available in My Tasks provides two new views and actions that simplify the administration of workflow instances (the unique record being manipulated in a workflow).
      • View 1: filterable and searchable list of all workflow instances (by status or ID)
  • View 2: historical, graphical diagram of the workflow with its detailed display of metadata from each of its steps (drill-downs available)
  • Actions: authorized users can perform actions on workflows (i.e. killing a workflow that has encountered an error) and steps (i.e. release, assign, retry, or update list of assignees)
  • Benefits: Beyond providing better administrative control for tracking and managing workflows – the new intuitive interface makes it easier for more non-technical business users to be more involved in data operations. 

Semarchy xDI 2023.2 Updates

  • Design Experience
    • Overview: Semarchy xDI 2023.1 JSON Deserializer provided an intuitive GUI for managing semi-structured data with various native databases supported such as (Snowflake, BigQuery, etc.). We’re adding two new native JSON deserializers for PostgreSQL and Greenplum databases.
    • Benefits: The introduction of these new JSON Deserializers drastically reduces integration development time to transform unstructured data without code – which has traditionally been achieved manually through complex SQL or Java code. 
  • Deployment & Monitoring
    • Overview: Users can now download and directly deploy xDI through official Docker Images for Analytics, Runtime, and License Server. Semarchy will provide full support and documentation for these images and xDI components.
    • Benefits: Leveraging Docker containers provides a fast and reliable method of deploying xDI independently of the user’s machines or infrastructure.
  • Admin & Infrastructure
    • Overview: In xDI 2023.1, we introduced the usage of cloud resources as delivery repositories for Google Cloud Services. As a continuation of this cloud resource optimization feature, Amazon S3 can now be used directly as a delivery repository.  
    • Benefits: Like the GCP clients who’ve seen cost savings from reduced data flows in/out of the cloud (consumption-based pricing) – AWS clients can now enjoy this benefit.
  • Converters
    • Overview: If you’re frustrated with migrating from legacy/obsolete and complex integration platforms to xDI – you’re in luck. xDI 2023.2 officially provides converters (and documentation) to easily migrate from your current integration platform into xDI. Converters use parameter files to allow the user to choose what to convert and directly map the source data using a transformation template to load the job into the target. Contact us to get started.
    • Benefits: Easily convert your critical data flows from obsolete integration platforms such as IBM DataStage, Informatica PowerCenter 9.X, and Oracle Data Integration (ODI) into xDI’s modern, powerful, and low-code solution.

Semarchy 2023.2 Availability

  • As part of the larger platform updates beginning in 2023 to provide more regular, predictable innovations, our Global Support Policies have changed. While the commitment to providing world-class customer success remains the same, eligibility for these updates may differ based on your license. 
  • New Customers/Partners: You’ll have access to these new features with options for different updates and maintenance schedules based on your license. Please contact us for a free alignment consultation.
  • Existing Customers/Partners: Please contact your customer success representative to determine eligibility and actions before upgrading to the latest version.

We’re Evolving How We Innovate

As a (proven) customer-obsessed company, we’re excited about our regular, quarterly platform release updates for both xDM and xDI. Our clients are data leaders, this commitment will continuously support their strategy. Read more about our xDI and platform release & maintenance cadence updates.

About Semarchy’s Unified Data Platform

Semarchy, a leader in the master data management and data integration market, enables organizations to rapidly generate business value from their data in as little as 10 weeks. Its unified data platform (xDM + xDI) enables organizations of any size to discover, integrate, enrich, manage, govern, and report critical information scattered across siloed systems.

Semarchy is available on-prem and natively deployable on popular cloud marketplaces such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or managed as a service supported by a rich ecosystem of software-as-a-service (SaaS) and professional service partners.

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