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Modernized Design Interface Without Compromising Capabilities

xDI’s visual identity is now harmonized with our leading master data management module, xDM. The facelift comes with major improvements to the user experience from design to deployment and new native connectors.

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Form Follows Function(s)

Don’t worry – the new interface accompanies new updates to improve xDI’s user experience from design to deployment. See all the notable updates for v2023.1.0.

  • Enhanced Design Experience

    • JSON Deserializer: Easily manipulate and parse semi-structured data
    • Selective Reverse Engineering: Column and key-level schema access
  • Better Deployment & Monitoring

    • Designer Scripts: Pre-configured CLI simplifies package build and delivery
    • Session Reports: Finer filter control based on date and time
  • Administration & Infrastructure Improvements

    • Google Storage as Delivery Repository: Directly deliver data to Google Cloud
    • Support for Apple Silicone (M1): Sorry Mac users. You’re welcome Tim
  • Components & Connectors Updates

    • New Connectors Couchbase, Actian Avalanche, SQREAM, Azure Table Storage, Native CDC for DB2/400
    • Component Updates: Snowflake (Snowpipe), Semarchy (xDM), Base and HTTP REST, Cassandra, Amazon (S3), Hadoop (Hive 3)

Enhanced Design Experience

We strive to enhance the design experience of any data integration needed to increase development productivity. These enhancements should make it easier to tackle Big(er) Data challenges and complex tables.

JSON Deserializer

JSON Deserializer

Allows users to manipulate semi-structured data contained in string fields with a no-code approach. The Deserializer automatically parses the string into separate, mappable fields to the target tables with native database support (Snowflake, BigQuery etc.)

Benefit: Drastically reduce development time to transform unstructured data with no-code design instead of complex SQL or Java coding.

Selective Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering of source/target tables can now be carried out at the column and key level. An additional step in the design wizard allows designers to specifically choose column and keys to expose.

Benefit: Significantly reduce tabular clutter and improve design efficiency by only working with the specific columns/keys for integrations.

Other UX Enhancements: Minor enhancements to improve a designer’s quality of life.

  • Support Copy/Paste in Mappings
  • Browse button added to Metadata reference properties
  • Save As button in Analytics Session Reports
  • Prompt for delivery parameters when running from the Navigator View
  • Alphabetical sorting in available views
Selective Reverse Engineering

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Better Deployment & Monitoring

We are fully aware that the integration design experience is only half the story. Simplifying how data teams deploy and monitor their in-production flows is absolutely important.

Better Deployment Monitoring

Designer Scripts

  • What: New, simplified command line interface (CLI) is pre-configured, user-friendly to help streamline package build and delivery commands.
  • Benefits: Simplifying the implementation of data integration deployments accelerates the delivery of value to systems and stakeholders.

Session Reports

  • What: Increased granularity for finer filtering these reports including date, time, strict and inclusive boundaries.
  • Benefits: Improve precision and control to ensure relevancy of the information returned – especially helpful as data volumes/streams grow.

Package Manager

  • What: Add prefix/suffix per environment to define Delivery Name with improved Supervisor UI so you can build and deploy separately.
  • Benefits: Easily rename your deliveries to create standardized naming conventions and improve organization and clarity for every user.

Open API 3

  • What: Analytics REST API definition is now upgraded to Open API 3 (OAS) specifications and standards and directly usable in the Designer.
  • Benefits: Enhance system and user understanding of the API’s capabilities without accessing source code or documentation.

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Administration & Infrastructure Improvements

These improvements (along with the component/connector updates below) help us bring some economic enhancements and broaden device/technology support.

  • Google Storage as Delivery Repository

    • What: New tool to provide Google Storage directly as a Delivery Repository and provides all the information needed to handle a data flow.
    • Benefits: Provide some cost savings to GCP clients by reducing data flows in/out of the cloud – which is typically how users are charged.
  • Support for Apple Silicone (M1)

    • What: As Apple continues to innovate their Macs, we will expand our specific archives of xDI products for different chip versions.
    • Benefits: Match Apple’s speed of device and architecture updates so Mac users are not limited to how they want to use xDI.

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Components & Connectors Updates

We know the volume of data and apps are ever-growing. Our continual updates improves native integrations and support for in-demand technologies.

New Components

  • Actian Avalanche

    Cloud RDBMS based on Actian Vector (on-prem), designed for analytica applications

    • Connectivity: Reverse-engineering and integration with Actian’s JDBC driver
    • Metadata: [RDBMS-standard] Server, Schema, Table, Column
    • Integrations: Integration Templatate, BigQuery to Avalanche, RDBMS to Avalanche
  • Couchbase

    Popular NoSQL key/value JSON document database

    • Connectivity: Couchbase Native SDK to query, retrieve, and push documents
    • Metadata: [Couchbase 7 Structure] Cluster, Bucket, Scope, Collection, Document, Full-Text Search (FTS) Queries, N1QL Queries
    • Integrations: RDBMS to Couchbase (CRUD, Search, N1QL, N1QL JSON Export), Couchbase to RDBMS
  • SQream

    RDBMS using Nvidia graphics processing units (GPUs), designed for big data analytics

    • Connectivity: Reverse-engineering and integration with SQream’s JDBC driver
    • Metadata: [RDBMS-standard] Server, Schema, Table, Column
    • Integrations: Integration to SQream, File to SQream, RDBMS to SQream, Staging SQream As Table
  • Azure Table Storage

    NoSQL database on Azure Cloud

    • Connectivity: Azure Java SDK to create/delete/list tables and entities
    • Metadata: [Azure Table Storage Structure] Account, Table, Partition Key, Row Key, Query, Results
    • Integrations: RDBMS to Azure Table Storage (CRUD, Query), Create/Delete Tables

Component Updates

  • xDM

    Improved parameters, mapping, execution and autonomous loads directly into xDM platform

    • New xDM-specific properties to configure consume/publish parameters in PostgreSQL, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server metadata
    • Dedicated xDM Integration Template compares incoming with existing master data for incremental updates and automated load management
  • Snowflake

    Enhanced Snowpipe capability to directly load data into Snowflake through the cloud while reducing lines of code and integration costs

    • Use External Storage defined by Snowflake users without requiring credentials
    • Support reading JSON data in a variant column
    • Replicate RDBMS to Snowflake with Snowpipe capabilities
    • Load into Snowflake from External Storage files
  • Other highlights, ERs and bug fixes

    • Base & HTTP REST with dedicated Certificate and Key metadata for technologies using Keystores/TrustStores
    • Cassandra Spark templates and native reverse-engineering – moving away from OB protocols
    • Ongoing Template Harmonization to support index creation parameters for load and stage added to applicable templates
    • Various bug fixes to Amazon S3 parameter handling, Base, Hadoop, Target filter and many more
  • Native CDC for IBM DB2/400

    Native Change Data Capture (CDC) reading changes from the database journals – less invasive than trigger-based CDC

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We’re Evolving How We Innovate

As a (proven) customer obsessed company, we’re excited to announce regular, quarterly platform release updates for both xDM and xDI. Our clients are data leaders, this commitment will continuously support their strategy. Read more about our xDI and platform release & maintenance cadence updates.

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