Data 2020 Summit

Event - Stockholm | September 13, 2018

Semarchy was excited to be co-sponsoring this event with our partner Solita. Together we were presenting at the event, as well as chairing two separate roundtable discussions. During our session, attendees learnt why companies should proceed with a data hub strategy to ensure that Data Governance and Data Quality demands by IT are fulfilled while at the same time business people are satisfied and how their requirements are met within weeks instead of years.

About Speakers

What Could You Learn at this Event?

  • Data Strategies for Data-Driven Organisations
  • The role of Chief Data Office in shaping corporate data strategy – From Data strategy, Data integration and Data Monetization to Data Security
  • Implementing a Rigorous Data Governance Framework: Can Agile Innovation and Governance Co-Exist
  • The importance of establishing data lineage for Data Quality and Data Governance
  • How to drive data-centric transformation of the business?
  • Master Data Management for Data-Driven Organizations
  • Data Lake or Enterprise Data Warehouse: Best approaches to creating a solid Data Inventory

About the Event

Summit is a strategy roundtable event organised for professionals working with Information Management, Data Governance, Master Data Management, Data Quality, and Enterprise Architecture in Sweden. With domestic and international speakers on stage, panels, roundtable discussions and plenty of learning and networking activities in the exhibition area, the 2018 summit is the place to be for all professionals and organisations working with managing data as a strategic asset in today´s digital economy and leaning towards Data Driven Enterprise Future.

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