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Industry Roundtable: Why Private Equity Needs Master Data Management – UK

UK Virtual
November 30, 2023
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm GMT
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Hear from leading private equity firms

The private equity industry continues to grow rapidly with private equity funds gaining relatively strong returns since 2000. In 2021 alone, private equity buyouts totaled a record $1.1 trillion, doubling from 2020.

However, as private equity firms’ portfolios become larger and more complex, the amount of data an organization has to manage becomes increasingly difficult, noncompliant, and disparate. A large number of companies depend on private equity firms and their ability to grow, scale, and financially secure organizations. Therefore, these firms need to continuously make the correct, strategic decisions that are best for them and their investments. 

So, how can private equity firms make informed decisions, stay secure, and reduce risks all while keeping costs low? The answer: Master Data Management. In this webinar, leading private equity firms KKR, Oaktree Capital Management, and General Atlantic sit down for a virtual roundtable panel to discuss the importance of prioritizing data within the industry. You will learn how these three companies:

  • Developed a need for comprehensive data management
  • Managed the complex nature of private equity firms and their data
  • Implemented a Master Data Management strategy and solutions
  • Acquired benefits of MDM and continued opportunities
  • Learned lessons and advice

Whether you’re a business leader, data evangelist, or IT practitioner, this webinar will help jumpstart your Master Data Management strategy. You’ll learn how companies such as Semarchy and Tata Consultancy Services help private equity clients keep business value at the forefront through better data.

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Meet Our Speakers

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Brett Hansen

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Sujata Zanjad
D&A Practice Head
Tata Consultancy Services

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Clint Simpson
SVP, Data Operations

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Dan Meisner
KKR and Co. Inc.

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Peter Choe
Head of Data Engineering
General Atlantic