Salon de la Data

Event - Nantes, France | December 15, 2020

Semarchy is pleased to participate in this new edition of Salon de la Data as a Gold sponsor. This event will take place in Nantes, France on December 15, 2020.

Don't miss our client speaker session!

Discover the data journey of the Roullier Group; the gradual deployment of data governance at the scale of the company and of its Agribusiness branch. During this workshop Alexis Schauving, Data & Business Intelligence Manager, will share his experience with Semarchy. In particular, he will address the following topics:

  • Construction of a modular approach for the implementation of multiple repositories
  • The contributions of agile approaches and the multi-business approach in this context
  • The key steps to reinvent a technical repository on products towards a multi-domain Data Hub for the benefit of the businesses
  • The response to governance challenges at group level and the benefits


Join us! 

Join our team at the booth in order to discuss your data project, and to see a demo of our Intelligent Data Hub. 


More information is coming on how to register - check back soon! 

About Salon de la Data 

The show is aimed at all Data professionals, whether they are decision-makers, experts or users, private or public. The goal is to provide feedback and relevant information on current advances, in order to democratize the different uses, uses and challenges of data. Our event is managed by a team of volunteers and we are committed to offering you a 100% free quality event.


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