Intelligent MDM

Intelligent MDM™

Semarchy is the Intelligent MDM company. Its xDM platform is an innovation in multi-vector Master Data Management (MDM) that leverages smart algorithms and material design to simplify data stewardship, governance, and integration. It is implemented via an agile and iterative approach that delivers business value almost immediately and scales to meet enterprise complexity.

Download the Intelligent Data Hub Datasheet

Download the Data Hub datasheet to see how the Intelligent Data Hub brings together information that lives across applications such that it can be governed, mastered and managed in a centrally understood, non-disruptive way.



Algorithms empower stewardship and advance matching, survivorship, curation and classification. A native, semantically complete data model facilitates transparent lineage, auditability and governance.



Agile methodologies applied to MDM are materialized via an intuitive, integrated design, development and user interface. Adaptive modeling enables business flexibility.


MDM is an initiative, not a technology. xDM is evolved into a business with minimal disruption, to optimize adoption and show measurable enterprise ROI almost immediately.

Transforming consumers into producers

Smart algorithms serve business users

Material design drives unparalleled performance and productivity

xDM is the intelligent Master Data Management (MDM) platform from Semarchy.

A single solution that supports any domain, any style and any use case for MDM. Built-in agility and smart algorithms enable enterprise scalability via an iterative implementation process that delivers business value almost immediately.

Enterprise-Centric Semantic Consistency

Intelligent MDM from Semarchy enables semantic consistency in an enterprise-centric fashion. Its agile design goes beyond conventional ‘golden record’ tools, focusing on empowering and organizing the data stewardship function to provide trusted master data across any domain. Semarchy xDM implementations start with business processes, include information governance from the ground-up, and concentrate on delivering measurable ROI to the business in weeks.

Multi-Vector MDM

Mastering any kind of data – reference data, meta data, location, product, customer…. even DNA sequence data is about delivering value to the business. Delivering across domains, styles, organizations, use cases and industries is what is referred to as multi-vector MDM. Covering multiple domains (product, customer, etc.) is only the beginning. To enable full business agility, and leverage MDM not just as a technology but as a discipline, requires multi-vector MDM from Semarchy.