Semarchy xDM

Semarchy designed xDM as the world’s first fully-functional Master Data Management solution to bring material design and a truly agile business-driven solution to the enterprise.

Owing to the algebraic concept that “x” can be anything, xDM is unique in its breadth of ability to master any kind of data – customer B2B and B2C data, product data, reference data, metadata, location, organization, supplier, etc. As such, xDM is a true evolution of the Semarchy multi-vector MDM solution for integration, management and governance of enterprise information. This approach, which is implemented in an iterative fashion, to how and who manages data, resolves the most pressing challenge of data-driven organizations, which is to give more control to business users.

Putting data stewardship in the hands of the business user transforms data consumers into data producers

Based on Google’s Material Design Language, the completely new interface drives an unparalleled user experience, offering simplicity and responsive design that powers ease-of-use for faster business value and adoption by business users.

Data champions and data stewards, curating key shared data assets of the enterprise, can define new data policies, enforce them using smart workflows, and measure their efficiency over time.

xDM is Intelligent MDM™. It provides data architects with one single and unified metadata-driven platform to define applications in one place. xDM takes care of generating all the pieces intelligently – depending on the MDM styles and domains – including the physical tables, the data certification framework, the enrichment and standardization processes, the integration services, the user interfaces, and more.

Business Users

xDM is bold, graphical, intentional, and self-explanatory.

It brings enterprise master data applications to any device and makes data authoring tasks unbelievably productive.

With its smart algorithms, xDM adapts to your function and to your role and empowers you to become an intelligent data producer.

xDM demystifies the complexity of relationships using Graph navigation.


Data Champions

xDM empowers data champions with SemQL and crosses the chasm between business and IT.

It seamlessly integrates with on-premises and cloud applications and exposes advanced metrics to facilitate data discovery.

With its advanced workflows, xDM enables intelligent data governance and helps data champions certify the enterprise’s data for optimal compliance with policies.

Data Architects

xDM is agile, rules-driven, and scales up to hundreds of millions of records.

It helps data architects design or import logical data models, declare and test rules, define forms and workflows, and deploy and iterate quickly.

xDM welcomes changing business requirements to serve an efficient data governance. It supports the strictest policy enforcement patterns and integrates seamlessly through its complete REST APIs.

xDM Overview

Download this xDM datasheet – read about the key features of our true hybrid, multi-vector MDM solution for integration, management, and governance of enterprise information.


Transforming consumers into producers

Semarchy Intelligent MDM xDM Master Data Management Software Logo
Master Data Management MDM Graph Hierarchy MDM Screenshot

Smart algorithms serve business users

Master Data Management MDM Graph Hierarchy MDM Screenshot

Material design drives unparalleled performance and productivity

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