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Discover the Intelligent Data Hub unique platform for Master Data Management (MDM), Reference Data Management (RDM), Application Data Management (ADM), Data Quality, and Data Governance. Organizations of all sizes and industries benefit from a full set of features to build production-ready operational and analytical applications in a single environment.


Get the Intelligent Data Hub everybody wants

All your critical data, processes and governance in one place.




Your critical data under control

Experience amazing data management applications

Reclaim ownership of your critical data with an intuitive self-service user experience.

Increase the value of your data

Enhance, standardize and blend your data from multiple internal and external sources.

Gain control over the quality of your data

Enforce validation rules and policies to comply with governance and regulations.

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The rise of data champions

Democratize the 360° view of parties, places, and things

Discover, understand, explain, and share a consolidated view of your reference and master data.

Engage in collaborative data governance

Manage, crowd-curate, and empower your peers with reliable data enforcing your policies.

Build insight into your data

Classify, browse, query and search your data history and lineage. Relate all of it with powerful graphs.

Inspire a value-driven approach

Deliver dashboards and measure the quality and efficiency of the data initiative in context with business KPIs.

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An enterprise-scale data initiative

Design a solution tailored to your needs

Design in weeks a comprehensive data model with rules, policies, and workflows specific to your domain, implementation style or business cases.

Integrate any data source

Use real-time and batch APIs to quickly integrate the data hub with your existing applications and business processes.

Push every limit

Rely on an enterprise scale, secured and highly-available architecture that runs on-premises or in the Cloud.

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Feature Details

Data modeling

Design a comprehensive data model with everything needed for your data management initiative: structures, terms & definitions, rules, policies, validations, user interfaces, workflows, roles and privileges.

Integration APIs

Generated APIs (REST, SQL) support batch or real-time bi-directional data integration and let any application use all the capabilities of the intelligent data hub.

Workflows & processes

Encourage collaborative stewardship with graphical human workflows for data authoring, validation, and
duplicates management.

Data quality

Define any type of data quality policies as part of the data model or leverage external services. xDM enforces them at the point of entry or as part of the integration flows.

Standardize & blend

Enrich, augment standardize using built-in rules and capabilities, or blend data from any data source (Google Maps, Duns, etc) to increase the value of your data.

Match & merge

The high-performance matching engine supports fully-customizable fuzzy/exact matchers with scores, manual match and merge, record or field-level consolidation/survivorship with value overrides.

Dashboards & metrics

Design awesome dashboard applications in xDM Dashboards and integrate dashboards in data management application gain insight and operational efficiency.

Governance & policies

Data governance stands at the heart of your data management initiative. Terms, rules, policies, and collaborative workflows are defined as part of the data model and automatically exposed/enforced in the applications.

Graph & hierarchies

Organize and display your data into any type of hierarchies (rollups, ragged, unbalanced, etc). Navigate complex relations within and across domains using the graph view.

Fine-grained security

Role-based security uses your enterprise directory and SSO to enforce detailed privileges (read, write, export, delete, etc) down to the data cell. Privileges automatically shape the user experience in applications.

Enterprise architecture

The platform uses a robust architecture that provides you with clustering, high-availability, proven scalability and complete availability of your data at any time.

Built-in compliance

xDM implements a certification process that keeps your data under control as it changes in source systems or in the hub. Data traceability, lineage, historization is available for compliance reports with no extra effort.

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