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Catch one of our live events on the road or online — or watch a replay to see Semarchy xDM in action — all right here.

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Healthcare Essentials: Intelligent Data Governance and Stewardship

The need for better data governance is always growing within healthcare organizations. Listen as industry experts discuss how to accomplish effective data governance and stewardship.

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How to Craft Effective Data Quality and Master Data Management Strategies

With the growing amount of enterprise data, organizations need a robust strategy around data quality and governance. Listen as Keyrus, Semarchy, and Eckerson Group define data quality and Master Data Management and the effective strategies needed to excel.

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National Student Clearinghouse on Data Governance and MDM Best Practices

With the growing demand for data governance, our client, National Student Clearinghouse discusses what data quality and MDM are and how best to achieve effective data initiatives with tools such as Semarchy xDM.

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Volvo Cars – Data Centricity & Digital Innovations with MDM Architecture

Volvo Cars presented at a Gartner Data & Analytics event discussing their project with Semarchy’s data platform in conjunction to Solita, a premier partner of Semarchy.