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Catch one of our live events on the road or online — or watch a replay to see Semarchy xDM in action — all right here.

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Virtual Panel with Amplifi: How Data Can Shape Higher Education

Over the years, higher education has been affected by crucial changes impacting retention, enrollment, tuition, costs, and more. In this virtual panel, we will demonstrate how data can not only alleviate these challenges, but improve student experiences, ROI, and more.

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Introducing Dynamic, Data-Driven Workflows by Semarchy

In this webinar, Semarchy’s Product team walks you through Semarchy xDM’s workflows. Our Workflow Builder is fast, dynamic, and unified – drastically enhancing the complete data management experience in one no-code, data-driven platform that’s rapidly available anywhere.

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Semarchy Client Story: How Master Data Management Can Deliver a Customer 360 Solution

Learn how Red Wing Shoes funded a consumer Master Data Management solution to drive ROI for its in-house Marketing, meet regulatory standards, and implement a Consumer 360 solution by integrating with Salesforce. By utilizing Semarchy, this solution became the centralized hub for Red Wing Shoes.

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How You’ll Rapidly Integrate Data in Your First Days with Semarchy xDI

Trying to juggle extensive amounts of data from different sources can increase spending and headaches. This is where a data integration solution like Semarchy xDI can come in. Watch how Semarchy xDI can reduce costs and time while adding value to your data.

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It’s Time to Take Control of Your Provider Data

Provider data is often overlooked in strategic data quality and governance programs, yet complete, high-quality data is essential to a number of healthcare initiatives. Join Semarchy and IMT as we discuss Health:iDM for Providers, which provides next-generation, intelligent data management for healthcare organizations.

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Reimagining the Master Data Management Strategy with Semarchy

Organizations now face new, broader challenges that require complex data requirements to succeed. This is where a solution such as Semarchy’s unified data platform steps in. This video breaks down the need for a comprehensive master data management strategy and how solutions like Semarchy can help.

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Conquering Data Integration and Governance Challenges in the Modern Enterprise

As organizations continue to grow, so do their data volume and sources. Effective data integration and governance become more difficult. In this video, watch as our data experts discuss the technologies and best practices that allow for modernization and better data management.

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The Rise of Data Mesh and Data Fabric Architectures

Many data leaders are asking what are data mesh and data fabric? Semarchy joined DBTA in a roundtable webinar discussing data fabric and data mesh architectures and how companies can utilize them. Watch the replay to learn more.

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Enterprise Data Governance and Master Data Management Success Story

With complex supply chains and business expansions, organizations need better enterprise governance and data quality to ensure a single source of truth. Listen to this podcast with our partner, D3Clarity and Eckerson Group to hear a success story from one of our client projects.

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Rethinking Database Management for the Cloud Era

The world of data management is changing while cloud adoption and automation are offering new opportunities. Watch as Semarchy experts discuss data management in an evolving cloud-based landscape to ensure organizations are thriving.

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The Impact of Healthcare Legislation on Information Sharing & Access

The demand to support vast amounts of data across multiple systems is growing exponentially within the healthcare sector. Listen to industry experts give their advice and discuss current laws that affect data leaders.

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Leveraging Healthcare Data to Serve as a Foundation for Patient Experience

Better data means better and healthier patient experiences. Listen to industry experts as they discuss data’s role in healthcare and how this can help not only organizations, but their patients as well.