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Catch one of our live events on the road or online — or watch a replay to see Semarchy xDM in action — all right here.

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The Role of Data Management in a Modern Data Ecosystem

Semarchy joined partner, Amplifi for its Modern Data Ecosystem Video Series. The fifth installment of this LinkedIn Live series explored the rise of Modern Data Ecosystems and new approaches to data management. Hear about common challenges and how to overcome them with modern data management and emerging technologies.

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Semarchy Client Story: The OneBird Model – How Bird Construction Created a Master Data Management Strategy

Our client, Bird Construction, discusses their holistic Master Data Management strategy that encompassed the entire organization. They were able to increase data quality and governance, improve internal processes, and overcome data integration challenges.

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Industry Roundtable: Why Private Equity Needs Master Data Management

The private equity industry continues to grow rapidly, but as portfolios become larger and more complex, these companies need comprehensive data management and analytics. Leading firms KKR, Oaktree, and General Atlantic sit down with Semarchy to discuss the importance of MDM for this virtual panel.

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ESG on the Manufacturing Conveyor Belt: How Master Data Management Can Make a Difference

As top organizations are prioritizing ESG, they need to approach these initiatives from a data-driven mindset, ensuring a positive impact. Semarchy and partner, Amplifi joined for a virtual panel discussing how the manufacturing industry can use MDM to strategically accomplish ESG goals.

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Solutions Review: Solution Spotlight with Semarchy

Featuring a focused look at technology that solves business challenges, Semarchy participated in Solutions Review’s Solution Spotlight demonstrating how our unified data platform can improve ROI and increase collaboration across business users. Watch the replay now!

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ROI for Master Data Management: Predicting, Delivering, and Measuring Business Value

There are many barriers to ROI for Master Data Management (MDM) – this webinar will help your organization identify and overcome them. With analysts from Eckerson Group, explore the unique business case for MDM and how to effectively measure ROI.

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The Race to Unified Analytics: Next-Gen Data Platforms and Architectures

Semarchy joined DBTA for a virtual roundtable discussing the increasing complexity of data systems. By highlighting how next-generation platforms can overcome significant hurdles to increase governance, security, and better analytics.

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Unlocking the Potential of Master Data Management for Finance in Any Industry

Join Semarchy and our partner, Apgar as we demonstrate Master Data Management for Finance – a solution that can help any company streamline and improve its financial processes and performance. This replay is perfect for any company who wants to have more accurate and consistent financial data.

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Why You Need Data Management – Getting Executive Buy-In

Becoming a data-driven organization is an increasingly important goal for organizations across all industries. But how do data leaders get executives on board for Data Management as a core foundation of a data-driven organization? This webinar gives practical advice and real-world tips on getting started.

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DATAVERSITY Demo Day: Master Data Management Tools

Semarchy joined DATAVERSITY for a Demo Day on Master Data Management Tools. This online event allows attendees to hear directly from vendors about their solutions. Semarchy discussed improving ROI and collaboration with our unified data platform.

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Semarchy Client Story: How Matching & Merging Data Clusters Led to Improved Product Insights

Watch as our client, Brown-Forman’s Senior Manager of MDM discusses how they improved product data across the organization globally by utilizing Semarchy xDM. With massive master records, this project had to think outside the box to get a single source of truth.

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Sanofi’s MDM Journey with Semarchy: Rapidly Enabling a Global Customer 360 Solution

Watch as Sanofi’s Head of Customer Master Data Management demonstrates how the global company enabled a Customer 360 Solution in over 30 locations. A live demonstration and interview will be presented, showcasing its unique use case and how Semarchy helped solve data challenges for the global company.