Semarchy Partner Program

At Semarchy, we recognize that our partners are best placed to help organizations with their evolving MDM requirements.

Semarchy xDM introduces a new way to look at Master Data Management (MDM). Simplicity, graph analytics, interactive search capability, advanced collaboration, match and merge, enhanced survivorship capabilities and guided data authoring make xDM the ideal solution for system integrators, IT services organizations and consultancies specialized in data integration or business intelligence.

The Semarchy Partner Program provides your organization with a joint proposition for Master Data Management projects that:

  • Create real functional and commercial differentiation between you and your competitors
  • Ensure that your proposals are ultra-competitive
  • Allow you to retain a greater percentage of the revenue from your proposals

We believe that the most profitable time, for both you as well as your clients, is in the analysis of MDM requirements and the creation of master data models. We recognize that any client time that you spend configuring and managing the MDM platform itself has little value to you and no value to the client. We’ve done all we can to ensure that your engagements are filled with profitable, value-added time and as little time developing product-specific code as possible.

Semarchy xDM is an Intelligent MDM solution. Based on the Google Material Design Language, a brand new interface drives an unparalleled user experience. Simplicity and responsive design powers ease-of-use for faster business value and adoption. Advanced collaboration, match and merge, enhanced survivorship capabilities and guided data authoring enable data stewards to support the most complex data management patterns. Graph analytics, interactive search capability, and RESTful Web Services deliver better navigation and interoperability for the most agile MDM solution in the world.

Our management team has a long history of building and honoring mutually successful partnerships in data integration. So we think we understand what partners need to be successful. We’ve put together a partner program that allows you evaluate the product and validate the claims we’ve made above. We’ll provide:

  • Access to free training sessions to get started
  • Partner product licenses and material to accelerate business
  • Sales and technical support resources ensure successful implementation

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Semarchy is looking for added value relationships with companies that develop and deliver MDM solutions for customers in any industry. Contact us to become a partner.

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