Semarchy Partner Program

At Semarchy, we recognize that our partners are best placed to help end-user organizations with their evolving data requirements.

Our xDM solution is an Intelligent Data Hub that solves for MDM, Application Data Management, Governance, Quality/Enrichment and Workflows in an all-in-one platform. That means that your customers get value sooner, and your projects show meaningful ROI in the shortest possible time frame.

The Semarchy Partner Program provides your organization with a joint proposition for data projects that:

  • Create real functional and commercial differentiation between you and your competitors
  • Ensure that your proposals are ultra-competitive
  • Allow you to retain a greater percentage of the revenue from your proposals

Our privately-funded business has grown exponentially with great help from partners in Europe and the US. We have a long history of building and honoring mutually successful channel relationships, and are always interested in expanding our network.

We will provide:

  • Access to free training sessions and tutorials to get started
  • Partner product licenses and material to accelerate business
  • Sales and technical support resources ensure successful implementation

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